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Mobile SEO Tools

Mobile SEO Tools

SEO is constantly changing and evolving.  What is new soon becomes necessary, and mobile is one of the biggest necessities in SEO right now.  Our Google SEO course offers information about the power of having a great mobile site. 

Google SEO Course Reveals the Power of Mobile Compatibility

Fortunately, there are plenty of tools to get you started, and improve your mobile standing. Here are some mobile SEO tools to try.

Our Mobile Planet

Our Mobile Planet is created by Google.  It collects and organizes data about mobile users and allows you to view the data you need.  You can choose your target demographic and compare the information.  This data can help you fine-tune your site, research your target market, and give you information to customize your online presence.

HubSpot’s Marketing Grader

For mobile users, quick access to information is key.  This tool can analyze whether your website is responsive enough for mobile. It will show you how your website looks on mobile, and allow you to analyze and make any necessary changes to your site to make it mobile friendly.

Google’s Mobile Friendly Test

Since mobile compatibility is so important to Google, it would make sense that they have the go-to test for mobile-friendliness.  This tool is simple to use.  You enter your site, and Google will let you know if it is mobile friendly.  If it is not mobile friendly, it will also show you a list of reasons why your site failed the test.  This is a necessary tool to use if you want to start taking your site mobile, and will help you pinpoint what you can do to get there. 

Website Platforms

Platforms like Google Sites, Wix, and other major website platforms have their own mobile solution options.  You can build a mobile site that is comprehensive and based on your existing website with ease.  Choose these tools for your mobile site, and you will be able to start making your website mobile friendly immediately.


BrowserStack takes mobile SEO research to the next level.  It’s a great tool to use to visualize what your audience sees when they pull up your website.  This site allows you to see your mobile site on every device.  Now, you will be able to see what people see when they pull up your site on their phone, ipad, tablet, and more.  It even allows live interactive testing.

Mobile compatibility has become a major deciding factor when it comes to ranking online.  Make sure that your site is mobile-friendly and keep it up to date by taking a Google SEO course and using these tools designed for mobile websites.  



  1. Duke Vukadinovic

    I’m really glad to see that you included Browserstack on this list Steve. It’s such a great tool and the best thing when it comes to it is that apart from the OS and browser options, we can also choose the screen resolution we’d like to test and the program will generate screenshots that suit it.


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