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Increase your rankings with link building

Your Expanded SEO tip for today.

Get creative with your link building strategies. If you have a travel site, what about creating a special area where your clients can post stories, coloring sheets, and pictures of their recent
trip? Don’t you imagine your clients would then link to the page devoted just to them? As a bonus, you’re also building valuable content for your site.

Link building is vital to getting rankings in the search engines. You need to be doing a little each day. Whether you are adding your site to a directory or requesting a link from someone related to your industry, you need to be doing something in the area of link building weekly if not daily.

Let’s say you just add 2 links a day to your site. Let’s then say you only build links 5 days a week since your probably off on the weekends. :) That’s 10 links a week and 520 links a year. This number doesn’t include the links you will build by implementing a strategic article and press release campaign as well as anything you may be getting from your social media efforts.

Now you may be thinking 520 links in a year isn’t a lot, but this method looks natural to the search engines which will keep you from getting any unwanted flags or bans by them.

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