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Internal Linking Strategies for your website?

Are you using link text that contains your keyword phrase on each
page of your website?

In other words, if your Web page is optimized for “Natrual Detoxing Body Wraps” are you using Natural Detoxing Body Wraps as link text somewhere on the page?

What could you be linking to?

    • An additional page on your Web site with more information about
      natural detoxing body wraps
    • A product page where you’re selling natural detoxing body wraps
    • A page containing pictures of people using natural detoxing body wraps
    • Yes, you could be linking to another site, but only if you want to send your customers to another Web site.



linking your website’s pages to each other is one of the primary SEO elements needed on each of your pages. Using keywords when linking from one page in your site to another gives you even more of an edge in the search engines. It is also one of the 60 onsite elements that needs to be done to fully optimize your web page.

One of the reason for using internal linking is so the search engine spiders can crawl deeper into your site. You are also passing page rank to the pages you are linking to. Each link shares page rank, so if you have 10 links on a page going out to other pages within your site, each link is passing 10% page rank to the page it links to. It is a good idea not to go over board with your links in your content because the spiders consider the navigational links when dividing page rank. As a rule of thumb you shouldn’t have more than 100 links on a page.


There is also a practice known as page sculpting that uses no follow tags to limit spidering but that is for another post.

To sum it all up, make sure your website’s pages link to each other via links contained within the content and be sure to use your researched keywords whereever possible as your the link text.


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