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K.I.S.S. – Keep your website simple for the search engines.

The search engines love simplicity, so give it to them.

Two ways you can do this is by using CSS (cascading style sheets) or by creating a simplified version of your site with out all the bells and whistles.

CSS is a great way to get rid of unwanted code bloat. Code bloat is when you use inline and on page styling instead of putting it in an external style sheet. If your web site has too much in the way of code bloat then you may loose points from an SEO standpoint.

There are more than 60 things to do on each page of your site to fully optimize it. Code bloat is one of these elements. Reducing code bloat can increase your page load time, help you to better read and modify the code, keep your code more organized and help your rankings in the search engines.

More than likely code bloat is not that big of a deal from an SEO standpoint. It probably holds about as much weight as the keyword meta tag does.

However, if you have a competitive site that needs to rank for competitive keywords, you want to make sure you hit as many of those 60 on-site page elements as possible.

Remember, every little bit helps.

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