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Search Engine Optimization Training to Boost SEO Rankings

Search Engine Optimization Training to Boost SEO Rankings

Optimizing your online brand takes time, effort and experience.  At Tampa SEO, we offer search engine optimization training that can help you to learn the tricks of the trade.  Search Engine Optimization Training

Signing up for one of our courses will put you on the right path, but if you want to get started right away, there are a few simple ways that you can boost your SEO.

Search Engine Optimization Training That Works

Use keywords.   Think about what a user would search for to find your site, or similar services.  

Also, try thinking about which of your services are likely to get the most traffic.  

Then, use keywords throughout your content to ensure that these topics are brought up frequently enough to show up in a search.

Understand the power of social media.  Facebook and Twitter get high ranking on google, so create content that is share-worthy.  

If people share your content, your exposure immediately increases, as well as your ranking.  To do this, try to create content that people find useful or entertaining.

Update your content regularly.  Not only does current content increase your credibility with your current audience, but it is one of the top determining factors for Google.  

Regularly updated content is an indicator that the site is active, relevant, and search engine worthy.   

Check your links.  Your links within your site are a valuable tool.  Use them to link within the site, and also to link externally.  Also, you want your links to describe the page they lead to.  

People are not likely to search for “click here” or “Sign up Now”.   However, they may search for “Search Engine Optimization Training”.  Creating links that have their own keywords actually improves your search engine ranking.

Add page titles. Titles get picked up easily by search engines, so creating sub-paragraphs and titles within your current content will give you a boost on Google.  

The more titles, the better.  Just make sure they are relevant and formatted properly.

Use more images.  Images are extremely important, and can lead people right to your site. Not only does it improve your ranking, but you now have content that shows up on an image search as well.  

Be careful of images that take too long to load, however. Try to use simple images that are relevant to what you do.

Make sure your website loads quickly.  The faster your website loads, the higher it will be ranked by Google.  Google has its own recommendations on speed.

Consistency is Key in Search Engine Success

So, looking into these can help you to determine whether you fall within the parameters of what they seek when ranking search results.

Tampa SEO provides search engine optimization training for those who wish to strengthen their presence online.  If you have followed these tips and are ready for the next step, contact one of our representatives to begin your training.

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