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SEO Consulting Tips – New Changes to Google Adwords

seo-consulting-adwords-googleAt Tampa SEO, our SEO consulting helps to boost your online presence and put your name at the top of the list on Google searches.  Google Adwords is an effective tool that is used often in Search Engine Optimization.

They are constantly updating with new features.  Recently, there have been some new updates to Google adwords that any website owner should be aware of.

SEO Consulting Tips for Google Adwords New Changes

One of the biggest changes is to the layout of the ads.  Where smaller google ads used to be on the sidebar, they are now placed on the bottom of the page.  This is to make the site more mobile friendly.

The concept is based upon the fact that when you open a google search on your mobile device, you don’t see the sidebar ads.  This means that people paying for adwords don’t get the benefit from those searching through mobile devices. This is the majority of people using the search engine (according to Google).  

By moving the ads to the bottom of the first page, searchers see the ad as they scroll down through the results.  Despite initial negative reviews, Google insists that the ads on the right were not getting much traffic.

The cost per click ratio has not altered, merely the format.  Upon tracking recent traffic, Google has concluded that at this time they have not seen a significant difference in clicks for businesses that were previously on the right.  

Google also hopes to allow for more broad searches to result in commercial ads by reducing the number of actual ads, and to be able to fine tune the experience based on how many people are browsing.

The benefit is that now the ads are going to get bigger.  Google is creating expanded text ads, which means that the consumer will be able to create two thirty character headlines.  This has been shown to significantly increase clicks due to the fact that businesses can use the extra space to now create a tagline or description to accompany the title of the ad.

Responsive display ads will highlight your business based on where your ad is being shown.  You’ll be able to provide Google adwords with a URL, picture, and description, and they will create the responsive display ad for you.  This means no more creating different ads for each format on your own, and will save consumers a lot of time and hassle.

Google is constantly updating to try to make their adwords program a successful tool for clients.  At SEO consulting, this is one of the tools we use to help build your business presence online.  With all of the new changes to google adwords, you will want to contact us right away to see how your business can benefit.


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