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SEO Training in Tampa FL Shares Tips for Writing Blog Posts

SEO Training in Tampa FL Shares Tips for Writing Blog Posts

Our SEO training in Tampa FL knows getting started with your new blog platform can be difficult, especially if you’ve got writers block.  There are so many things that can be accomplished with a well-written blog, and one of the main advantages is engagement.
SEO Training Tampa FL

When people are reading your blog, they are staying engaged on your site, and this leads them directly to you.  

As experts in our field, we at Tampa SEO have provided SEO training in Tampa FL that has resulted in amazing results for our clients.

SEO Training in Tampa FL Shares Blog Writing Tips

 If you’re having trouble coming up with a great blog post, here is a step by step guide on how to get started.

Step One:  Choose your topic

The topic you choose should be relevant to the theme of your blog, but interesting to the general public.  Try to see what others are writing about in your genre, and see if something sparks a topic for you.  If that fails, start writing a list of what you know about that relates to the theme of your blog, and see what you can turn into a juicy topic for a blog post.

Step Two:  Set goals

You want to set clear goals for your post.  How many words do you want this post to be?  Research shows that people are more likely to read the entire post if it is not exceptionally long, but in order to provide valuable content you should be getting into a certain level of detail.

You are also more likely to be found by Google if you are writing 300 words or more.  Think also, what are you trying to accomplish?  Are you showcasing a new product, creating a call to action, or seeking to entertain or educate?  Your goals will determine the direction your blog takes.

Step Three:  Write it out

Start writing your post, and make sure you follow the guidelines you’ve set for yourself.  Try to keep each blog post about one topic, unless you can smoothly lead into further discussion of a second topic.

Step Four:  Jazz it up

Create some eye-catching properties within your blog, such as bold letters, quotes, or headings.  Don’t be afraid to use multiple headings, as long as they are relevant.  This allows search engines to sort your content.

Step Five:  Take a second look

Always proof read before publishing, and when possible, have someone else proofread your posts as well.  Improper grammar or misspellings reduce the credibility of your work.

Step Six:  Do it again

With blogs, consistency is key, and if you want to get the most out of your blog, you need to post consistent work.  People are looking to you for content, and if they have to wait too long, they’ll start looking somewhere else.

At Tampa SEO, we provide quality SEO training in Tampa, FL to ensure that you have an online presence.  Follow these steps to get started, then contact one of our representatives to continue your education.


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