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Social Media Marketing Made Easy!

It doesn’t matter whether you are a brand new company or a big business. Regardless of size, social media marketing is always a great way to gain brand recognition.

You may think social media should be used specifically for personal interactions. However there are several businesses finding success by implementing social media marketing.


Making Social Media Marketing Easy

Search engine optimization comes with several factors. When it comes to an effective SEO strategy, those factors have to move together simultaneously. Like a well-oiled machine.

One of those factors is social media marketing. It doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, you can almost make it run by itself, it you find the best strategies.


Competitive Intelligence and Analytics

When it comes to competitive intelligence, social media is the best way to stay on top of the competition. You want to know what the competitors are doing. Social platforms provide you with information you want almost directly.

As far as analytics are concerned, most social media applications give diagnostics and information about how your page is doing. Some platforms may require a certain amount of followers before this information is provided. Once you’ve reached that follower count, you will have information on likes, comments, and shares. More importantly, information on how well your posts are doing, the age group you’re targeting, and even the gender of your visitors.


Creating Events and Special Promotions

One way to gain some more recognition, is posting all of your events on your business profile. Even if you are not a company that has official events of any kind, you can share or advertise local events. Local events provide you with a good opportunity to not only promote your business, but also interact with locals in your community.

Promote, promote, promote! Do you have any specials happening? Any new products or services? If so, definitely add those to your regular posts or promotions. Keep in mind, people loving seeing discounts, specials, and promotions!  If you are offering a deal, your followers are likely to share your post with all of there friends.


Posting on Social Media

Once you come up with a marketing plan for your company on social media, you have to begin posting. Start creating posts. A short caption, a small graphic, and if possible, add a link back to your website. We advise these posts be made at least 5 days out of the week. The more posts you make, the better opportunity you have to be noticed.

Include hashtags on your posts. Hashtags are quite literally used to keep focus on a trend, so you may go through and interact with those also tagging the same things. (This is also a good way to see what your competition is doing.)

Additionally, there are tools available to help with your social media marketing efforts. Tools that can provide you with analytic information, the best time to post on each platforms, and even tools that can schedule posts for you! In our opinion, one of the best tools for social media marketing is SEMrush.


Social Media Advertisements

One of the best aspects of marketing on social media, is the opportunity to create paid ads for your company. Paid ads can reach more people. You can even choose to run a paid post for several days. These ads can be the difference between reaching 30 people, and reaching 1,300 people. Let’s be honest, one of these definitely sounds better than the other!


Reaching Out to Social Media Marketing Professionals

Yes, a lot goes into marketing your company on social media. Your business is like your ‘baby’, and you want it to be taken care of. A good way to make sure your business is finding the success it needs, is by hiring professionals who specialize in social media marketing!

If you don’t quite have the funding for professional SEO services, then begin by implementing the above strategies.  Following a few of the simple steps above will more than likely put your business into a better position, finding the SEO success you are looking for!


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