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Understanding How Google Penalties Can Effect Your Web Presence

Understanding How Google Penalties Can Effect Your Web Presence

Search engine companies get their reputation by offering quality search results.  Because of this, they have strong filters to ensure that the top results for searches are made up of quality content.  SEO in Tampa Florida

Google has an excellent reputation, and therefore some of the strongest filters to exclude spam.  

If you are looking to build SEO in Tampa Florida for your website, one subject you need to have a basic understanding of is google penalties.

Getting to Know Google

Google consistently filters content and attempts to fine tune the screening process.  It moves the “good stuff” to the top of the page, and to ensure this, it has penalties.  

This forces SEO experts and website creators to provide quality content, not just plug in terms to try to move up the search ranks. A penalty is a negative result that impacts a site based on updates to Google’s algorithm or based on a review.  It can be either an unintentional result of updates, or a penalty for sites that don’t follow the guidelines.

You will know that you have received a penalty a number of ways. One way is that the website is no longer ranking for your brand name.  Another is that page one positions are slipping to page two or further back, without any action on your part.  

If the website is removed from Google’s cached search results, your listing on google is a site other than your page, or Page Rank for your site has slipped, these are also indicators that you have received a penalty.

There are many reasons that you could receive a penalty.  Many penalties occur because of links.  Either misusing, overusing, or buying links to external sites is prohibited.  

Bad links are also flagged, so make sure you check each link to ensure it is in working order.  You also need to avoid duplicate content.  Original content makes your site more useful, and therefore protects it from penalties.

While search keywords are a great way to make sure your site gets noticed by those looking for your product, too many is a red flag.  Too many search terms can cause a penalty.  

The best way to avoid this is to use words that make sense in the content.  Keep a close eye as well on the comments you get, if you allow them.  Too many spam comments will cause your site or blog to be penalized.

If your website contains content that was “spun”, or reworded from an original article to seem unique, it will be penalized.  Penalties also occur when your website content is hacked.

Learn More About SEO in Tampa Florida

These are just a few reasons that Google penalties occur.  For more training and expertise, contact Tampa SEO.  Our company teaches and consults on SEO in Tampa Florida.

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