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Writing Good SEO Friendly Content… Are you doing it?

Are you working on some new Web content for the search engines this
week? Here are 3 elements to keep in mind:

1. Create content that is original and genuinely useful to your
visitors. Content is King so if your not a good writer your best best is to invest into a copy writer that is familiar with SEO.

2. Create high quality content that engages the visitor serves a

3. Give your readers answers to their query’s as well as link your content to other relevant pages within your site as well as out to other sites.
4. Remember the H1 tag or heading of a page needs to make your reader want to read the first paragraph and the first paragraph should make your reader want to move on to the second and so on.
5. Keep your paragraphs in small bite size portions. Most people skim the web and don’t want to read long bulky paragraphs.

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