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Top Digital Marketing Strategies to Focus on in 2018

Top Digital Marketing Strategies to Focus on in 2018

Do you want to stay relevant and on top of your online marketing game? Do you want to make sure you have the latest and most effective strategies in place? If you answered yes to both, you need to stay updated with all the top digital marketing strategies this coming year. Your competitors will surely be too, and even if they’re not, why pass up the opportunity to further that gap between you and other brands.

Check Out These Top Digital Marketing Strategies for 2018

To help you achieve digital marketing success, here are digital marketing strategies that you need to focus on this 2018.

Secure Speed

Instant gratification is the name of the game. Most people will not spend an entire minute waiting for a webpage to load — whether it be desktop or mobile. They will most likely switch to a similar page that loads a lot faster than yours, and there are so many available — set to answer every need and query. Consider that person a lead lost.

Good news, Google has assured companies that they will be working on speeding up the loading of pages, especially for mobile users, using AMP. Pages can be opened with the blink of an eye. To help their efforts, you can also tailor fit your site for desktop and phone users.

Say No to Bad Practices

Google has started its campaign against black hat tactics and aggressive advertising techniques in 2017, and it will only be reinforced this 2018. Dummy sites that were made and put up not for any specific purpose — like answering a query — but generating revenue of some sort will be removed.

Even pop-ups and interstitials that significantly slow down pages and worsen the user experience will be blocked or taken out. If your company employs any of these tactics, this year would be the time to stop. Not only will you get a bad reputation from your search engine — especially Google, it will also not convert to any traffic for your site.


In 2017, Google started the process of ensuring secure sites for their users.  A “Not Secure” warning occurs when users enter data on an HTTP page, and on all HTTP pages which are visited in incognito mode.  This is meant to protect users, but it can greatly impact your site strategy.  For a simple solution, and to avoid any issues in 2018, make sure your site is an https site.

Voice Search

Multitasking is best done when you have a device that lets you do things hands-free. That’s why voice search is slowly gaining popularity. It allows moms to figure out how to bake cookies while handling the kids, DIY-ers to get instructions on how to fix the car while he’s under the hood and young professional to do some research while they do their report.

The initial results that these users get are usually featured snippets, so for companies whose target market avidly uses voice search, it would be a great idea to figure out how you can optimize your ranking.



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