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Using Google to Enhance Your Business

Using Google to Enhance Your Business

Google has features that can enhance almost every aspect of your life, and among these Google features are ways to enhance your business. Having a business is a lot of work, and a strong support system like Google can help you accomplish your daily goals at work.

Google Business Features That Will Enhance Your Business

When you use these features offered by Google, you have a series of systems to support your business and bring you to the next level.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar isn’t your everyday calendar. You can add events to multiple calendars at a time, making it ideal for workplaces and colleagues to coordinate their calendars. You can set reminders to alert you when your next appointment is approaching, and even schedule repeating meetings in an instant so that you can pencil in your repeating commitments.

Google Drive

Never has collaboration been more instantaneous than with Google Drive. This is an amazing tool for businesses. Let’s say you are working on a document or spreadsheet. If you work on the item directly within Google Drive, you can make instant updates, exchange notes and comments, and keep multiple versions and updates that each party can view within seconds, regardless of their physical location. You can even backtrack history to recover previous versions of documents and folders.

Google My Business

When talking about business, you can’t leave out Google My Business. This feature allows you to create a complete profile for your business that can be accessed by searchers and associates. Not only does this add your listing to the Google search engine, but it gives you social capabilities to share your business assets. You can create a full profile, add a virtual tour of your location, connect with other business profiles, and communicate via the platform. You can even create multiple location profiles. Google My Business provides an online home for your company and allows people to get a closer look at what you have to offer before they even step foot inside the business.

If you are looking to grow or enhance your business, these Google features can help you do it. What features from Google do you use on a regular basis in your business? Let us know your recommendations in the comments below!


  1. Nick Stamoulis

    Claiming and verifying a Google My Business profile is an absolute must. Yet, there are so many business/website owners that neglect to do it. A complete profile is more likely to appear at the top of the search results.

    • Steve Scott

      You’re 100% on the mark there Nick! And it’s such an easy thing to do these days. Do you remember what a nightmare this whole process was with Google’s first attempt at local? Mamma Mia!


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