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Getting Your Blog Noticed Online

Getting Your Blog Noticed Online

Writing a blog is a great way to get yourself noticed, but first people have to know you’re there.  At Tampa SEO, our onsite SEO training can help you get on track and build your online presence.  In the meantime, try these ways to get your blog noticed.

Onsite SEO Training Pro’s Reveal Secrets to Successful Blogging

First, writing great content is the best way to attract people to your blog.  If you concentrate on writing great content, you will start to get noticed.  In fact, you can draw attention to your name by reaching out to popular bloggers in your industry and asking if you can guest blog for them.  One great post can attract thousands of readers.  Once they look up your name, they can follow your blog.

When they look up your name, make sure they have something to look at.  Writing blog posts sporadically will not get you followers.  If someone looks for your blog and only sees inconsistent posts, they may not follow you.  Be consistent in your posting.  Come up with a manageable timeline, stick to it strictly, and increase it over time.

Once people start commenting on your blog, answer them!  The more interaction you give, the more you will get.  Bigger bloggers may not have time to respond to every post.  This is where you have the advantage to build your fan base and increase your following.  When people connect to you, and like you, they want to refer you.  They will start telling other people about you and what an amazing blog you have!

Make sure you write to people like you are writing to one of your friends. That interpersonal connection makes them want to be around you, which means they have to keep reading.  All you need for your blog to blow up is for it to be noticed by the right people.  When you find a couple of great followers that want to interact and share, you will have an audience through them that is infinite.

Of course, you should use SEO techniques in your blog.  If you need help with this, our onsite SEO training can take you to the next level.  Use your titles wisely, and put the main topic as early on in your heading as possible.  For example, “Building a kitchen- A how-to guide” is better than “How to build a kitchen”.  Building a kitchen is the main topic of interest, so putting that first will attract people to it faster.

When you want people to notice your blog, Tampa SEO has the training you need to succeed.  Contact us to set up your training so you can get started right away.


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