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WordPress Stuck in Maintenance Mode? Here’s What To Do

WordPress Stuck in Maintenance Mode? Here’s What To Do

It happens.

You’re updating your WordPress website, and something happens. You’re unsure what, when when you try to refresh the page you get something like this:

Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.

WordPress is stuck in maintenance mode.

WordPress’s maintenance mode prevents users from accessing your site to prevent conflicts in your database during the update process.

Sometimes WordPress or your server is unable to take your site out of Maintenance Mode after all processes are complete, and WordPress gets stuck in maintenance mode. It’s a really simple fix:

      1. Access your files through your webhosts’s CPanel or Control Panel to find your file manager. Or, you can use FTP to access the root of your website
      2. Delete the file called .maintenance.

That’s it. The .maintenance file tells your server to let the user know that the website is unavailable. This file takes precedence over all other files on the website, which is how WordPress gets stuck in maintenance mode.

Once you remove the .maintenance file, the server will revert to the generic .htaccess file, which will hand over the site’s operations back to WordPress.

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  1. Mauri

    I had this problem just now on my localhost and could not find a .maintenance file anywhere. But I did find a maint folder in my wp-admin, and there was a repair file inside. Is that what you meant? I copied it, just in case, and then deleted it and I got my site working again. Maybe it is different because it’s on my localhost instead of a live server?


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