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Does it all end with Google? Other Popular Search Engines to Keep in Mind

Does it all end with Google? Other Popular Search Engines to Keep in Mind

When people think of search engine optimization and learning seo basics, they often think of their ranking on Google. Google is arguably the most used search engine, and therefore is associated with search results most often.  This is no reason to ignore other search engines.  Next time you search for your name online, try entering it into one of these other popular search engines as well.

Learning SEO Basics Means Understanding Search Engines


This search engine is the second most popular in the world.  It is created and managed by Microsoft.  It also powers Yahoo’s search engine.  Many people prefer the Bing for media searches, especially video.  When you search for a video on Bing, you get an interactive thumbnail that will allow you to preview the video (similar to facebook videos in your newsfeed).  People also like the fact that Bing’s autocomplete suggestions are more extensive, and you’ll often get twice as many as Google.  Travel lovers like Bing’s prediction feature for airfares.  If you are searching for flight, Bing will predict when airfares are about to go up or down.


People choose this search engine because it doesn’t track user activity.  So, it doesn’t remember your preferences and doesn’t base your search results off of them.  If you feel like Google knows you a little too well, this search engine is for you.  It’s also a great way to continually check your own status on search engines.  This is because it won’t remember how often you search for your own business and give you priority that others won’t see.  


No ads!  This search engine pulls information from all the major search engines, but removes the ads. So, your search engine results are purely organic.  This is another great SEO technique, as you can see what your natural search engine standing is (without advertisement).


Would you rather get more detailed with your request for information?  Quora is a search engine that allows you to type in a full question.  Then, your question is answered by actual people!  So you can get advice, tips, and detailed answers from a community rather than an automated response.  You can even search past queries to see if your question was already answered.

These non-google search engines each offer something unique to the user, and are especially useful to those learning seo basics.  Give them a try sometime and see what comes up in your search results!



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