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Get your website out of Google’s Doghouse. Tampa SEO’s Backlink Removal  Service is designed to locate all the backlinks to your website, examine the links and anchor text, then disavow and
request link removals.

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Our Backlink Removal Service is here to help websites like yours recover from manual inbound link penalties, automated rankings drops, and getting your website’s link profile looking healthy.

Poor link building techniques that were popular in the past are now antiquated, and might be hurting your website’s rankings. We scour the internet to find all the links to your website, decide which links are causing problems with your SEO, and request their removals and disavow them.

Google’s 2012 Penguin update placed a hammer down on manipulative SEO tactics and low-quality link building, placing many websites in jeopardy with manual penalties. Save your website and lift that penalty with our backlink removal service.

Our Backlink Removal Service Include

  • Locate all backlinks to your website
  • Classify and research anchor text
  • Examine and evaluate unnatural and suspicious links
  • Request approvals from client for disavow file and removals
  • Upload an approved disavow file
  • Send removal requests to offending websites

Additional Backlink Removal Services

On-Going Backlink Removals For websites whose link profiles have significantly been hit by unnatural and suspicious links, and require additional monthly assistance. Requires the Initial Backlink Removal Service as a prerequisite.

Manual Penalty Reconsideration Request If you’ve been hit by a manual penalty, we can help craft a letter to Google that explains your situation and why your site deserves another chance.

Do I Need To Remove Links Monthly?

It depends. We recommend at least three months of link removals to ensure that new links do not affect your profile, and to further monitor your link removals. The more severe the situation, the longer it might take to reclaim your link profile. We have an on-going backlink removal service for those who need additional attention to their link profile, or websites whose link profiles are still under attack.

What About My Manual Inbound Link Penalty?

If your site has been hit by a manual penalty, we offer a $250 add-on service where we will write and revise manual penalty reconsideration requests to Google that work. Our experience in helping websites return to Google’s index has given us confidence that our reconsideration requests work.


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