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Premium WordPress Maintenance Package


The Premium WordPress Maintenance & Support service is designed high traffic and eCommerce sites never miss a beat!



$497 for the first month. $197 each month thereafter.

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Leave the complicated updates, security, backups, and search engine optimization to us while you do what you do best.

$497 First Month
$197 Monthly

Our Premium WordPress Maintenance Package was developed for higher-end websites and business that want to keep their WordPress sites running smoothly, but would rather keep running their business rather than learning how to manage their WordPress site. If you have an eCommerce website or receive high traffic, this WordPress service plan is perfect for you.

The premium WordPress support plan includes more frequent backups, premium plugins, database optimization, SPAM deterrents, and 2 hours of technical support or audit.

Tampa SEO’s Premium WordPress Maintenance Package features many popular plugins that would normally cost hundreds of dollars a year and countless hours installing and configuring them. Our WordPress support can save you time and money, and we’re always one email or phone call away with our 2 hour of technical support included.

Basic WordPress Maintenance & Support Features

Update WordPress


We’ll update and test core WordPress and plugin updates on your website. Updates can cause problems, but we’ll test the functionality of your website after each software update to ensure you’re getting the security and features you need. 1



We’ll fortify your WordPress website to prevent attacks with iThemes Security Pro on your WordPress site, with increase security options such as 2-factor authentication, stronger password requirements, Google recaptcha (I’m Not a Robot), and user logging.  2



Your database will be backed up daily and files backed up bi-weekly to your local server and Tampa SEO’s DropBox for safe keeping. Add your own cloud service like DropBox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, or FTP at no additional charge and have your own WordPress backups on your own service. 3



We will install and setup WordPress SEO by Yoast Premium, making it easier to correct 404 errors by integrating Google Search Console into Yoast. Now you can stop fussing with tedious details and just write and produce.

Brand Development


Deliver your content at blazing speeds with page database, CSS, and JavaScript caching. Your users, server, and SEO will thank you.  4


Google Analytics

We’ll be sure that Google Analytics data is being sent to Google appropriately, and apply filters so that only legitimate traffic is captured. We’ll also setup 3 goals to help you understand your website’s performance to generate leads or transactions.


Technical Support or Audit

Got an issue? Need us to call your host or take a further look at a problem? We’ll provide up to 2 hours of technical support and consulting. No pending issues during the month? Instead, we’ll use that time to take a deep look at your website and report problematic areas that can improve your site’s performance.



Additional Features

  • HTML Sitemap Add a human-readable HTML sitemap so they know exactly where to go.
  • Author Optimization Optimize your author biography and page so you can prove to the world that you’re an authority in your field.
  • Content Delivery Network Add your site to CloudFlare for faster DNS, additional security, increased performance, and reduced bandwidth. 5
  • Uptime Monitoring Know exactly how long your server stays up each month with a Free Pingdom Account. 6
  • Social Sharing We’ll setup your blog for automated or semi-automated sharing on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and/or LinkedIn using WordPress’s JetPack Sharing and Publicize plugin. 7
  • Image Optimization We’ll optimize your top 5 pages and up to 20 images to ensure they load efficiently while maintaining their quality.



In order to setup your account and complete our monthly WordPress Maintenance service, we will need access to the following:

  • Domain name registrar for DNS changes (example: GoDaddy)
  • CPanel or other web host control panel
  • An email account with the website’s domain name for correspondence and to sign-up for new services. (
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console



1 Customer must provide login credentials to third-party plugin or themes in order to update plugins that are not a part of WordPress’s plugin repository.

2 Some advanced security features might conflict with certain server configurations and website functionality and may not be implemented.

3 Tampa SEO keeps backups on customer’s local server and our own DropBox account. Additional remote destinations such as Amazon S3, DropBox, Google Drive, and RackSpace Cloud Files can be added at no charge, but the customer is responsible for costs associated with their own remote storage destinations.

4 Not all files can be compressed or cached as they may conflict with specific functions of a website. In most cases, the majority of files can be optimized to improve performance.

5 Includes the configuration of the CloudFlare Free plan. Does not include upgraded CloudFlare plans. CloudFlare requires the customer’s credentials to the domain registrar and requires a DNS change. Tampa SEO can sign-up for and setup this account.

6 This service does not measure downtime caused by website’s own software, just the server it is hosted on. Client may choose to upgrade their account through Pingdom for added features. Tampa SEO can sign-up for and setup this account.

7 Requires a free account. Tampa SEO can sign-up for and setup this account.


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