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Why You Should Start Using Facebook Live Video

Why You Should Start Using Facebook Live Video

Digital marketing is a fast and ever-changing field. It’s important to stay current on the latest in technology, and to see what people are using to promote their businesses. One of the most effective methods of self branding and social media marketing in Tampa these days is live video. There are a lot of reasons that you should use live video to promote your business. More specifically, you can use Facebook live.

Social Media Marketing in Tampa is Easy with Facebook Live

People Watch Live Video for a Longer Period of Time

Studies show that people will watch a live video longer than they will watch a pre-recorded one. Anything that helps get people to listen to your message and engage with your brand is vital to your business from an SEO standpoint.  The more people enjoy and engage with your page, the higher-ranking you get. If people are staying on your page longer and watching your live video longer, you are eventually going to start ranking higher.

Live Video Comes First

Live video ranks higher on your news feed then any other type of organic post, including videos uploaded directly into the Facebook platform. Most of your audience, if they follow you on a semi-regular basis, will notice when you post a live video if they are looking at their news feed. This is a golden opportunity for engagement and communication with your audience.

Content is Still King

Don’t post a live video just to post a live video. If you are a famous chef but you’re taking a particularly beautiful walk through the woods, it is okay to post one live video that is irrelevant to your industry. But multiple non-relevant live videos will decrease your engagement and therefore reduce your ranking both on Facebook and the internet as a whole. Instead, get comfortable using live video to record the types of instructional or informational videos you would normally record on a pre-recorded video.

Get Personal

The benefit of live video is that you can make them a little longer, since people will stay longer on a live video. You can take the time to greet people and you can personally see and even answer questions that may come up during the video.  You’ll be able to see when people jump on and like your video while you’re recording. You can also see when people comment on your video while you’re recording, and if you have time you can answer some of the questions they may raise.  This promotes more engagement on your page which boosts your visibility.
With all these great benefits to live video, it’s time to get started with your social media marketing in Tampa. What will your first live video be about?



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