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WordPress Maintenance Service & Support

We’ll keep your WordPress site running so you can do what you do best, running your business

Our WordPress Maintenance & Support packages are designed to ensure that your website is running at peak performance, backed up, secure, and ready to kick butt.

WordPress Support & Maintenance Packages for All Budgets

What Makes Us Different

Keeping your WordPress website up-to-date and fiddling with settings is time-consuming. As a business owner or blogger, you don’t have time for that.

What makes Tampa SEO’s WordPress maintenance and support services stand out amongst the crowd is that we setup the famous WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin for you. This way you can focus on creating create content, and leaving the technical mumbo-jumbo to us.

We love this plugin so much, it’s one of our go-to plugins when we start a new WordPress site for a client.

The internet was designed to share content, and WordPress is one of the best and most accessible content management systems for users of all experience levels. WordPress SEO by Yoast’s famous Meta Box makes the nitty gritty of optimizing content easier for users.

We also help optimize your author profiles, monitor server up-time, add social sharing, and get your site on the super fast and secure CloudFlare Free plan. That’s quite a bargain with plans starting at $297 a month!

WordPress Maintenance Features

Update WordPress, Plugins, and Themes

Update WordPressWordPress makes it so easy to update plugins and themes, but updated plugins do not always play nice. Our WordPress Maintenance service will not only update your website, we’ll test your website after all updates are completed to ensure your website is functioning properly.

Now you’ll never have to worry about WordPress updates again.

Redundant Backups

WordPress BackupsAnything can go wrong with your website at anytime. We backup WordPress databases and files on a reliable schedule to ensure you can always get back up and running after any catastrophe. We also provide redundant cloud backup locations and can send those backups to your own cloud services like DropBox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, and even another FTP location for additional safe keeping.

Safe & Secure

WordPress SecurityPopular software like WordPress is targeted often by evil-doers. We’ll swing into action with proactive WordPress Security plugins and practices to welcome traffic you want and deflect nefarious bots, spammers, and other jokers. We will be your hero.

WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO by YoastWe’re an SEO company and we conduct SEO training class year-round, so we know how important it is to have a strong foundation to optimize your content. We’ll help setup WordPress SEO by Yoast so you can focus on writing great content, and not have to fiddle with technical settings and head-scratching jargon. We’ll also be sure that your site has a HTML and valid XML sitemap for users and search engines to know exactly where your content is located.

Google Analytics

Google AnalyticsKnowing how users are interacting with your website can help you make informed decisions about your marketing. Our WordPress Maintenance service ensures that your Google Analytics code is implemented properly so you never miss important traffic data. We’ll also filter out internal traffic so you know only legitimate data is captured. To make sure you know your website is delivering results, we’ll add one goal so you’ll know more about your users.

WordPress Performance

WordPress PerformanceUsers are impatient, and they should be. Your website’s speed and performance is imperative to your users’ experience and even your SEO. We’ll install plugins that cache, compress, and minify your HTML, and even your CSS and JavaScript files for Premium users, so your WordPress site is as fast as possible. Don’t let your sluggish website prevent users from your choosing your business.

Technical Support & Audit

WordPress SupportSometimes WordPress sites need some love. We offer 1 hour of WordPress technical support for Basic users, and 2 hours for Premium users in case something goes wrong. If nothing goes wrong, we’ll be happy to direct those hours to consulting, where you’ll get one-on-one attention on what you can do to improve your website even more.

SEO Review & Audit Comparison Chart

Tampa SEO Training Academy Website Review Comparison Chart Basic WordPress Maintenance & Support Premium WordPress Maintenance & Support
Update & Test WordPress, Plugins, and Themes Bi-Weekly Weekly
Backups Twice Weekly Database Backups + Weekly Complete Backups Daily Database Backup + Twice Weekly Complete Backups
Security iThemes Security iThemes Security Pro
SEO WordPress SEO By Yoast WordPress SEO By Yoast Premium
Google Analytics Install + IP Filtering + 1 Goal Install + IP Filtering + 3 Goals
Caching Static HTML Caching HTML, JS, CSS Caching
Content Delivery Network CloudFlare Free & Jetpack Photon  CloudFlare Basic or CDN of Your Choice
HTML Sitemap Yes Yes
Author Optimization 1 Author 5 Authors
Server Up-time Monitoring Yes Yes
Social Sharing Jetpack Elegant Themes Monarch
Technical Support or Auditing 1 hour 2 hours
Database Optimization Yes
SPAM Deterrent Akismet Enterprise
Ecommerce Support Yes
Database Optimization Yes
Image Optimization Optimize top 5 pages and up to 20 images
Configure SSL Call for Price Call for Price
One-Time Setup Fee $250 $400
Monthly Price $297/month $497/month
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WordPress Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Cancel Any Time?
Our WordPress Maintenance service is pre-paid and you may cancel at anytime. We will continue to provide our services until the billing period has ended.

Just log into your account, and follow the instructions to cancel your subscription.

You may also email us or even call us to cancel or pause your subscription.

Why is there a Setup Fee?
It takes a significant amount of time to learn the ins and outs of your WordPress installation, as well as install and configure all the plugins and features that we promise with our WordPress Maintenance and support packages. We will never charge you this fee again after the first month.
What Payments Do You Accept?
Currently, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal. At this time, all transactions are completed through PayPal. If you wish not to use PayPal to purchase your first month, please call us at 1-866-736-7361 X704 to complete your subscription.
What If I Need Additional Support?
You can ask us questions anytime for the services that are outlined in our WordPress Maintenance & Technical Support packages. This includes 1 hour of technical support for Basic users, and 2 hours for Premium users.

Please contact us if you require additional technical support or if your request is not covered in your plan. We love discussing how we can expand our services with your business.

What About My Web Host?
We’ve worked dozens of different webhosts, and in our experience, you get what you pay for. We always recommend getting the best web host you can afford, and can discuss moving to a web host that fits your needs.

Tampa SEO will do our very best to work with any webhost. However, often times there are settings or configurations that conflict with the features of our service. We notify you anytime there are features or procedures that could not be completed because of a web host conflict.

Do You Have Discounts For Multiple Sites?
Yes, we do! Please call or email us to discuss how many websites you need WordPress Maintenance and support on.
What Happens If An Update Breaks My Site?
That’s why we make complete backups and test updates for compatibility.

If there is an issue, we will locate the problem, then fix it or revert back to an earlier version until third-parties to update their plugin or theme.

What If Plugin X or Feature X Is Already Installed?
IF you already have a particular plugin or feature that is included in your WordPress Maintenance plan, please notify us so we know not to disable other plugins. We do not offer any refunds or payment adjustments for features not used at the request of a client.
What About Refunds?
Since our service is pre-paid, there are no refunds. Recommend for any one considering ending service with us to continue to use our WordPress Maintenance service until the billing cycle has completed. You may cancel your service at any time.
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